So what’s the big deal about Clubhouse?

You may have heard about Clubhouse already. And if you haven’t, you’re most likely about to.

The app started targeting Iphone users exclusively. A few days ago, it just opened to Android users.
Once you download the app, you will need to wait for an invite to be able to enter.
So what exactly is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio only app that allows people to gather in rooms — just like at an event or trade show.
The speakers are gathered on stage in front of an audience of peers (people they follow) and a general public audience.

Now what’s truly magic about clubhouse is that you get the opportunity to hear from the best of the best in anything in the world.
Here they are sharing freely their knowledge of what’s working right now in their respective fields.
You may learn more in an hour than you would in years — hearing it directly from the experts on topics ranging from AI to basket weaving.
Now I have to warn you. This app can be extremely addictive.
But you have to go at it the right way.
Unlike all other social media apps — it’s not just about the numbers.
But rather about the conversations.
You can hear extremely well known speakers but also complete unknowns who’s knowledge and insights immediately put them at the same level as the experts, not by the size of their following but by the power of their words.
Quite refreshing to value someone by what they say not just what they look like.
You may find yourself in a room that lasts over 18 hours or even days without being able to unglue.
At times, you will grow a decade in an hour session, gobbling up such powerful information that it may keep you awake at night.

Many have become insomniacs, unable to put the phone down.
So try it at your own risk but don’t come in the same way you would instagram, twitter or facebook.
This app is unique and if you are patient, you will get most of the fruits from it.

*If you need an invite? Reach support and we’ll bring you on if we have any left
First come first served – Limited invites available.

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